Every dollar donated Nov 30th will be matched!

We hope you will join Get Outside in celebrating #GivingTuesday.

Today your donation will go twice as far, for every dollar donated one of our Donor’s will match the amount. Your donations go to providing opportunities for high school aged youth to get outside in the great outdoors, get outside of their comfort zone by trying new things, and get outside of themselves to serve others.

Give today to help youth get outside

Who We Are

We are promoters of physical and mental well-being who interrupt sedentary lifestyles through engagement with the great outdoors.

What We Do

Get Outside organizes high school clubs in Southern Utah geared toward helping students spend more time in the outdoors. We provide students scheduled and guided outdoor activities, transportation, and easy access to outdoor equipment.

Barriers We Will Combat

Youth aren’t getting outdoors as much as they should for three main reasons. Our involvement in schools will give youth opportunities to get outside in order to break these barriers.

Lack of Opportunity

Many students don’t have anyone in their circle of family and friends who can take them to outdoor recreation spots.

Lack of Finances

Many students do not have access to the money required to acquire the gear necessary to effectively engage with the outdoors.

Lack of Education

Many students lack the knowledge and training necessary to safely participate in outdoor activities.


Thank you for doing something for these kids with this non-profit organization!! I have watched with surprise, dismay and a desire to do something as our children in schools and homes have had less and less opportunity to be out in nature and do some challenging, even semi-dangerous things!! Nature can be generous but won’t bend many rules for us. It challenges but we can prepare and become able. Thank you so much for setting this up!!


Our Network

Get Outside has been implemented in various high schools throughout both Washington and Iron Counties.

How We Do It

Get Outside is a network of volunteers and donors working to break the cycle of sedentary lifestyles among students.

Your $25 Donation

will go towards 1 gear rental package (for a variety of activities)

Your $50 Donation

will cover an outdoor clinic fee for 3 students

Your $100 Donation

will help offset the cost of school bus use.